March 8, 2018 | global news

Paul Thorne, a former Superintendent with Peel Police in charge of Pearson Airport, said an increase in cocaine trafficking will be a “multi-pronged” problem for both security agencies and health officials.

March, 2018 | R.Andrew Ellis

How many of us have uttered those words when we find out that someone has gotten themselves into a bind whilst abroad?

February 14, 2018 | toronto star

The decision by the RCMP to forestall charging Canadians and their private sector representatives for negotiating with terrorist hostage takers is a courageous and laudable first step in improving a dangerously broken system. 

January 18, 2018 | National Post

Two Canadians and two Americans being held hostage in Nigeria are together and in “good spirits,” a state police official said Thursday, confirming that their captors had issued a ransom demand.

december 5, 2017 | Global news

They were rescued by Pakistani troops acting on U.S. intelligence, but Global News has learned a Toronto-area company headed by a former senior Canadian intelligence official also played a role.

may 11, 2017 | the Globe & Mail

A former federal intelligence official argues that the Canadian government’s no-ransoms-for-hostages stand is an outdated and even hypocritical posture that needs to be reconsidered for the sake of citizens held abroad.

may 11, 2017 | The globe and mail

Paying a ransom is said to be a bad thing: It might beget more kidnappings. It is a widely accepted theory, but there is little if any statistical evidence to support the assertion.

october 6, 2017 | Metro news

The family is never sure what they write reaches the couple. But earlier this year it was clear one did, with the help of intermediaries.