Andrew Ellis
Chief Executive Officer

Andrew Ellis, Chief Executive Officer of ICEN Group Inc., retired as the Assistant Director of Operations (ADO) with the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) in 2016. Mr. Ellis led the CSIS Counter Terrorism, Counter Espionage and Cyber Security programs. Having a world class reputation as an operational leader, Andrew Ellis has led successful security and intelligence operations around the globe. He is also a sought-after speaker and commentator on issues in the security and intelligence milieu.

Paul Thorne
Chief Operations Officer

Paul Thorne, Chief Operations Officer of ICEN Group Inc., is a recognized leader in the fields of crisis management and critical incident command and response. Mr. Thorne is a retired Superintendent with the Peel Regional Police (PRP), his last assignment being the officer in charge for the overall Police Response at the Lester B Pearson International Airport in Toronto, Canada’s largest and one of the busiest aviation hubs in the world. Mr. Thorne is an expert in assessing and auditing the security readiness of corporations. He has been instrumental in the delivery of security policy advice to a range of companies in the retail and service industries.

Alex Zivkovic
Chief Technical Officer

Alex Zivkovic is a graduate of the UoT engineering programme where he has obtained M.A.Sc for work done in application of artificial intelligence techniques to process control. Since 1995 he has been working as founder and chief technology officer for a number of startups as well as consultant for Fortune 500 companies where he has delivered analytical turn-key solutions.

Marvin Igelman
Corporate Chief Intelligence Officer

Marvin Igelman is a graduate of Osgoode Hall Law school and a member of the Law society of Upper Canada. Since 1996 he has been in the technology sector having founded and managed many ventures in the mobile application and artificial intelligence markets.