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Foundation Travel Safety
Learn to recognize and avoid risks across various situations. From transportation accidents, crime and civil unrest, to health and well-being.

Cyber & Espionage
When professionals travel, the data that is carried and the internet habits used to protect that data can put individual privacy and data security at risk. Handled poorly, the loss of intellectual property by itself can devastate a company.

From Mexico and Columbia to Iraq, Afghanistan and the Philippines, kidnappings for ransom is a multi-billion-dollar industry globally. Learn techniques to avoid routine targeting as well as handling a kidnapping situation.

Learn to identify the different types of terrorism and recommended responses.

Travel to Hostile Nations
There are several nations globally whose interests and policies are not aligned with ours.  A stable destination can turn to one far less safe very quickly.  It is important that business travelers access all sources of information when visiting destinations where this risk prevails. 

Travel to the Middle East & Religiously Conservative Countries
Travel to nations or regions facing a heightened threat of Islamist extremism should be undertaken with specific, pre-planned precautions in place.

Travel Safety for Women & Visible Minorities
When it comes to health and security and how travellers are affected by the religious and cultural beliefs of the foreign countries they visit, there is a significant difference between women and men. Statistics clearly illustrate that women face more complex challenges, especially when travelling alone.

LGBTQ Travellers
Unfortunately, not every nation shares Canada’s open and accepting attitude toward the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities.  There are several nations around the globe, especially those encompassing more conservative cultures, where the LGBT lifestyle is discouraged and in some cases criminalized.  The most effective path to safe and secure travel is through knowledge. 


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