Proprietary Technology

Critical Event Notification System (CENS)

The ICEN Group’s Critical Event Notification System, (CENS), is intended to be utilized in all Crisis Management and Emergency Response Centres. The ICEN Group’s Critical Event Notification System, using world class and industry leading artificial intelligence systems, ensures that you and your staff will be the first to know that an incident has transpired. Whether a man-made or natural event, the ICEN Group’s CENS system is able to assess millions of data sources, in real time, and deliver timely, accurate and verified intelligence to ICEN’s clients.

Ongoing Situational Awareness

Recognizing that each major event is different and has its own unique features or indicators, CENS will dramatically enhance and augment an incident managers ongoing situational awareness. In conjunction with other information sources, CENS will enable leaders to improve their response capacity, as well as to advance judgement and actions required to provide appropriate, timely and effective management of an incident. Knowledge is power and ICEN’s CENS will ensure that our clients have the most comprehensive knowledge – first.

Timely Information
& Analysis

Information pertaining to any event, world-wide or local, is delivered to our clients well before traditional and existing media sources. An analysis of international events worldwide during 2017 determined that ICEN’s clients were aware of events transpiring over 25 minutes before the next closest information source. The unparalleled delivery of CENS intelligence will enable you to react appropriately to unplanned and unpredictable events at home and abroad. CENS enables clients to respond first to protect critical infrastructure, assets and your most valuable resource – people.