Training & Consultation

ICEN Group’s leadership cadre is uniquely positioned to provide clients with the know-how and services necessary to satisfy the legislated and regulatory Duty of Care requirements of employers. We address your company’s legal vulnerabilities through the provision of industry-leading training and international risk mitigation advice for you and your traveling staff.

Delivered In-person or ICEN’s E-module Series

Training content includes:

  • Strategic travel advice
  • Detailed components to manage the risk of kidnappings, robberies and hijackings
  • Specific modules addressed to travelers from identified or visible minority communities, women and other specific audiences.
  • In depth Country Risk Profiles – Confidential intelligence on a nation’s political stability, as well as localized risks related to terrorism, corruption and crime. 
    It should be noted that the provision of focussed national risk assessments is a required component in addressing the Duty of Care.

Additional Services

  • Personalized, Face-to-Face Training: Tailored for personnel traveling to regions where the risk profile is elevated.
    The training will be held at a facility in Ontario or can be brought to your place of business.
  • Corporate Employee Travel Policy – Audits and Development:
    The ICEN Group ensures that clients’ written policies governing corporate travel are designed to keep people safe and are compliant with legal requirements.

Preview a sample of our training modules here.

A safe workplace demands a responsible and conscientious commitment from management — from the Chief Executive Officer down.

— Justice K. Peter Richard,
Westray Mine Diaster